Friday, October 21, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

There is no place higher than on Daddy's shoulders....

There is no place higher than on Daddy's shoulders
Dads are stone skimmers, mud wallowers, water wallopers, ceiling swoopers, shoulder gallopers, upsy-downsy, over-and-through, round-and-about whoosers. Dads are smugglers and secret sharers.
~Helen Thomson.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Second to None

What is Second to None?

A group of volunteers who are trying to practice and encourage everyone to practice a life of reuse, recycle, reduce waste and replenish resources. We aim to do this by sharing recycling ideas, discussing ways to reduce consumption of harmful materials and encourage buying used goods instead of new. The activities and discussions could occur through our blog (that's in the works), on our Facebook page and through events like the periodic flea markets that we plan to organize.

What are these ideas that we will encourage sharing? To find a new lease of life for objects around us. Own an old but gorgeous saree? It’s another’s curtain. Shoe boxes? Decoupage and make them center table attractions. A plate in a set of 6 broken? 4 are perfect for a small family. 
Don’t discard. Resell. Don’t waste. Share. Before you buy new, discover the charm of the old. 

The first of many events is @ Jaaga on 30th & 31st July.

For rules, guidelines and registrations you can contact us at this mail ID:

Be a part of Second to None. If we change the way we live, we can change it for others.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Maati, the Craft Store

Introducing Maati, the Craft Store. Came across this by sheer chance on Facebook and what a wonderful find it's been. Not only do they bring you the best of Indian textiles, block prints, crafts and accessories but also work with producer groups across the country to build sustained market opportunities for artisans based in rural areas.

From apparel in silk and cotton and handloom weaves (from Bhagalpur, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, & Andhra Pradesh) to pottery (from Pondicherry & Maharashtra), baskets (from U.P & Tamil Nadu) to intricate hand embroidery & applique work (from Kutch & Rajasthan), Maati has it all.

Here's a glimpse of some of the beautiful products that Maati has to offer.

Hand woven baskets in vibrant colours from Chettinad
Gorgeous sarees, dupattas and stoles in silk
Beautiful applique cushions from Rajasthan
Ceramic Animals
Teapots, Mugs and Vases from Maharashtra
For more details visit Maati on Facebook
Call Jayashree or Anita @ +91 22 2571 7209 or +91 22 6453 2111, Email
Visit Maati @ 109, 1st Floor, Powai Plaza, Opp Pizza Hut, A.S. Marg, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai 400 076

Maati's products will be available for the first time in Bangalore from June 30th - July 2 at the Concern India Exhibition - @ Chitrakala Parishath. Mark your calendars and be there :)


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's day celebrations

Dad's usually don't get as much credit as they should in most cases. So when I saw all these reminders for Father's day I knew I wanted it to be special for my husband since this was his first and he deserves it for all the effort that he's put into raising baby Dhruv.

Considering that I spend close to 12 hours @ work (The commute is a pain!) and can barely keep myself awake after I'm done with cooking dinner, feeding Dhruv and putting him to bed (this is not complaining! ask any mom ;)), I didn't really have time for any personalized gifts this year. So online shopping it was!

So the unsuspecting daddy (who usually has amnesia when it comes to remembering special occassions) got a coffee mug from Chumbak & whacky sticker from Quirko from baby Dhruv on Father's day :)
Chumbag Mug

Cute & Vacky sticker

From my side I did my best to make his day special by cooking him a special lunch. The modest menu consisted of Vegetable Biriyani (there's a special recipe that he likes), Raita and  Caramel Pudding. There are no pics since I didn't get out the fancy cutlery and serving dishes because - 1. I'd end up having to do the dishes since they're too delicate to hand over to the maid (& I did want to spend more time with family than in the kitchen today) and 2. Baby Dhruv's latest pastime has been pulling at the tablecloth (unintenionally of course) which has resulted in a shattered pepper shaker and a bowl so why risk the dinner set ;)

We ended the day by taking Dhruv to the mall where they have a kids play area which he loves! He rode his favourite horse on the carousel, drove a few toy cars and was excited when we bought him 2 new picture books.

So daddy happy with the gifts and lunch, baby happier (weekends are always special to him since we're aound all day) and I'm happiest since daddy and baby are happy. All in all a fabulous Father's day :))